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Oh Hello Spinning Wheel

This last month has been incredibly busy, with La Honda Fair prep, the Fair happening and then of course the ever so popular, Fair clean up. All that’s left is the afterglow. This annual event is a fund raiser for … Continue reading

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Back on the Fiber Train Again

One thing I’ve realized about myself is, I have lots of cycles in my creative life. Last fall, it was sewing. I sewed tote bags, toys for my grandkids for Christmas, clothing for myself, curtains for my son’s bedroom. The … Continue reading

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The Void Between

I’ve been trying to figure out what to call this feeling of uncertainty and lethargy, that I’ve been going through and have only been able to come up with a void. It is not a new place, I’ve been here … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have A Problem

I’m amused, very amused. As a fairly new blogger, sometimes, things go awry. Like posting a blog post intended for a blog very different than this one. But I figure, I’ll just go with it and let it be. It is … Continue reading

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Fits and Starts

Welcome to the story of my life. I start off all jazzed about something, lose interest and then I’m off in another direction. I have been this way all my life. As a child, I would love doing crafts. I … Continue reading

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A Step Up

I am a self taught craft person. I’ve taught myself how to knit, crochet, sew, do mosaics, macrame, and weave, but I do have my limits. I’m fairly proficient in all these crafts, some better than others, and I’m finding … Continue reading

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Started and Finished!

In knitting, we have an expression for starting project after project. We call it “startitist.” I have been guilty of startitist many, many times. I’ll see a project in a knitting magazine, or online and fall in love. It was … Continue reading

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Worlds Oldest WIP

I knew I had this work in progress somewhere, and that it would be found when we moved. I have found it. The very first sweater I’ve ever knit, and didn’t finish. Mind you, in my defense, when I started … Continue reading

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A Floppy Disc, Fishing Hooks, Gummed Reinforcements and Italian Leather Cigarette Case

What do these items have to do with each other? They were all in a 6 x 6 x 6 inch box that I found while unpacking. This box wasn’t packed in the last move, I’m figuring it was packed … Continue reading

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Down To The Wire

It’s here, it’s time and now I’m packing box after box of stuff. The house is almost completed and I cannot procrastinate or ignore the fact that I have acquired an incredible amount of stuff in the three years of … Continue reading

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