Back In The Saddle Again

ocean-vessel bluebearIt’s been awhile, and rather than bore you with long winded excuses and moaning, I’ll just say it’s been a tough year. I’ve managed to work through a lot of stuff, gone through some transformations and now I’m ready to share where I’m going from here.


The main thing is I’ve found a new focus of work and I’m having a lot of fun playing with wool and making felt. Felt is such an incredible medium that you can do so much with, that I’m sure I’ll be exploring it for quite a while. I’ve started out
with some vessels, a few sculptures and over the holidays I even made some ornaments that were well received at my local holiday fair.

To stretch my exposure to the world, I’ve also signed up for a couple of major events to get my work out in the world. The first one will be Silicon Valley Open Studios. I’ll be in Half Moovisitorn Bay at La Pizazza at 604 Main Street with a number of other artists including my friend Barbara Grauke with her fused glass and Patt Sheldon with her fiber art.
So here I go, I’ll post more often as this journey takes off.

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Knitter, spinner, weaver, sewer keeps me busy and has me Fiberdazed.
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