Confessions of An Online Class Junkie

I love taking those short classes online that are only a few hours or days. There, I said it out loud, I’m addicted. I’ve paid a few bucks for them, get to learn a new technique in something that might be related to something I already know, or it could be something totally unrelated. The investment of time can be from only an hour to many hours and days. This is the magic of the internet.

Calligraphy PracticeSometimes it leads me to a completely new interest and I go down that rabbit hole only to emerge wondering where I’m going to incorporate this new skill. Such is the case with the classes I’ve been taking through Creative Bug. First it was Lisa Congdon’s Basic Line Drawing, which led to her Sketchbook Explorations, which then lend to Maybelle Imassa-Stukuls Beginning Calligraphy. Okaaay, as a fiber artist, how does this relate to anything in the knitting, sewing, weaving world I’ve been living in? I don’t know YET, but I do think there’s something brewing.

P1000840I did make this denim piece that I added embroidery to, which is very much in the style of Lisa’s line drawings. I like it very much and it was lots of fun to do. I think I just might have to do another to see if the fun and play are still there. I got a little bogged down when it came to the embroidery, even though I did yet another class to brush up on my embroidery skills.

That led to the other website that I like for classes which is Craftsy. The embroidery class I checked out was with Sue Spargo called Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand. I’ve been doing embroidery off and on since my teens, so this refresher looked like fun and it is!

Denim BoxThat then led to Embroidering With Ribbon with Mary Jo Hiney and I learned not only how to do ribbon embroidery but also how to make a little box and a picture frame. Ok, so now how do I incorporate that? Oh lord, I don’t know, but I do know it was fun to create these boxes. I mean, who doesn’t love a little box. This one was promptly given to a friend for her birthday.

Of course, as I’m adding the links to these classes, I find two more that are very interesting to me. Bead Embroidery with Myra Wood on Craftsy and Beginning Watercolor with Yao Cheng on Creative Bug. Ugh, there isn’t enough time in the day to take all the creative classes! And wouldn’t some beading look great on that little box or the denim flower piece?

And just to let you know, this post is not sponsored, I have just found that both websites provide excellent classes with exceptional instructors and I hope that you will too. The range of classes are incredible. Currently Craftsy has many classes on sale and Creative Bug is having a sale on their subscriptions. Both sites also have free classes so go check them out, it may take you down a new creative rabbit hole too.


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