Peering Into the Future and Playing In The Present

This is the time of year where almost every one I know has been making their yearly business/life plans and goals and I find I’m over here flopping around trying to figure out what the hell I want to do beyond this only two week old year of 2015. So rather than lock myself into one path, which I would actually hate, I’m doing something totally and completely different, I’m painting and drawing and playing in a different medium than I usually work in.

Watercolored BackgroundThe direction I’m taking is with the help of Lisa Congdon. She’s doing a four week class on Creative Bug called Sketchbook Explorations. I’m on week two, and it’s been really fun to cut loose and just play. Play in a different medium, play with a different technique and not worry about creating “product.”

But you know what has happened with that, I find I’m taking what I’m doing on paper and thinking about what it would look like if I did it on denim and make it into wall art. Instead of drawing on the fabric, what about embroidering on it? How big do I want to make this? (Big) How about taking some of my necktie scraps and use them like they were the ephemera that Lisa uses in her collages. (Sure why not!) Maybe adding beads, lace and ribbon to it, and how embellished do I want to make this stuff? I’ve even been thinking about how they could apply to clothing. Ack! I’m off down another path, a fun one mind you, but a completely different path.

These are all thoughts I’ve been waking up with for the last couple of weeks, and I’m just going “Oh why the hell not just go for it.”

It’s really fascinating how my brain works and how something so separate from what I was doing this last year could spark a whole new path of creative expression. You never know what will trigger a whole new body of work if you just allow yourself to go. My word for this year was to PLAY, and that’s what I’m doing. Playing with this and seeing where it leads. If nothing else, I’ll come up with some new wall art and if I absolutely hate it, I’ll have a new perspective and new skills.

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  1. Love the idea of play! Love!

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