Cables, Lace and Getting My Weave On

The dam has broken and startitis is in full force. The long dry spell of what to create next is dispelled, and now I want to make all the things. Knit all the beautiful new designs, and weave all the winter scarves and shawls. So to reign in this creative energy, I’m doing my best to direct it, instead of allowing it to run rampant like it really would prefer.

City StoplightsI recently finished this lovely shawl. It’s a mashup of City Stoplights and my desire to have a flirty shoulderette type shawl. I knit to the point where I just couldn’t do one more row of garter stitch, and increased the number of stitches to make a ruffle. And so the ruffle wasn’t too boring, I found a simple lace pattern and went at it. I like how it turned out, and it’ll meet my needs when I’m sitting in a chilly office in the middle of winter.

woolgathering1_02But once I finished it, I went through the “I’ve finished everything, now what” phase and luckily, around that time, the new issue of Twist Collective came out. I was smitten with probably 6 pieces, but I had really been wanting to do a big project, and a sweater was on the agenda. Rafters was just what I had been looking for. All that cabley goodness and something that I felt I would even look good in. Something challenging but not so mind numbing that I couldn’t think at the end of a knitting session. After a few fits and starts, it has been smooth sailing for a week of so. I’m loving my Ultra Alpaca in heather green, that I had in my stash for another sweater.

city5_02But in that issue of Twist Collective was also this gorgeous shawl called Periphery. Oh how I love the patterning going up the back and who doesn’t love purple. So I cast on for it too. Mind you, I now have two knitting projects that require me to pay attention to what I’m doing, so I’ve been alternating between the two. Currently the sweater is winning in the race of how much time is spent on the project, but that can change in the drop of a hat.

Woven Scarf

Actually, now the weaving project has become the simple, soothing fiber project. The one where I have to do some counting, but it’s not requiring me to have constant intense attention. I’m loving it’s fall colors, and I think it’ll be very popular at the Holiday Festival in December.

So the one thing that comes to mind is, how many projects are too many? Geeze, I’m even thinking about a pair of socks, just as something small to take with me to knitting group, and for once, I’m a little hesitant. Mind you, this is coming from someone who once had 8 projects going, I feel I’ve really grown up.

How about you? Are you loyal to one project at a time or are you more like me, the more the merrier? Let me know in the comments.

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