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La Honda Elementary studentsThis last month has been incredibly busy, with La Honda Fair prep, the Fair happening and then of course the ever so popular, Fair clean up. All that’s left is the afterglow. This annual event is a fund raiser for the Art and Music programs at La Honda Elementary school and is very near and dear to my heart. I started this particular version of the Fair with Nancy Hewitt, my then business partner as a way to highlight not only the need for continued art and music in the school, but to promote local businesses.

It’s grown over the last 21 years to being a very successful event. Some locals have moved away, some have passed away, but many still live in La Honda and come out and support the event. It was fun, I was able to see many people that I only see once a year, including many extremely creative vendors.

Spinning in progressSo now that the Fair is over, and I have my life back, I’m looking at my projects and stashes. (Yes I have more than one.) One thing I’ve always been interested in, is to be completely self sufficient in when it comes to being able to clothe myself. I think that is where my love of first gardening, to grow the plant, to then spin it into fiber and weave or knit it into a garment. At one point, I even considered growing flax to make into linen. The only thing that stopped me, was when I got to the part about how to process the flax. I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to self sufficiency, but finding or making a flax brake, to beat down the stalks, that’s where I draw the line. I have processed my share of wool, alpaca, mohair and angora, so it’s not completely foreign to me to get my hands dirty when it comes to making fiber spinable.

But with the advent to so many lovely already processed and dyed fibers and colors, I sometimes feel like I’m cheating by buying them. But hey, sometimes cheating is a good way to jump start and just get into spinning. So here I am, happily spinning away some lovely dark plum merino wool, that has little streaks of red and blue in it. I’ll probably ply it on itself and use it in a scarf.

Rognvaldson Spinning WheelThis little wheel is going to be coming with me on my vacation to Lake Tahoe. My cousin gave it to me since she was no longer using it. I can’t wait to make many miles of yarn on it, because it is a sweet little Canadian wheel made by C. R. Rognvaldson, dated Jan. 1981. It has many years of life left in it and I can’t wait to become a better spinner because I have some cashmere in my fiber stash. Plus, the Tour de Fleece is starting up pretty soon. The annual spinning competition during the Tour de France gets pretty heated sometimes, and if nothing else, I do become a better, more even spinner during that time.

This is the next fiber in the queue, is a merino/tencel blend in a colorway of Watery Depths by Susan’s Kitchen. Only appropriate since I’ll be spinning it at Tahoe. I haven’t spun tencel before, so it’ll be a learning experience too. It has a bit of sparkle to it and a very nice feel.

Wool/Tencel rovingWhat are your summer crafting projects? I love that there are so many more light hours to dive into, and take outside our crafting. I’d love to hear what you’re up to this summer too.

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