The Creativity Killing Curtains

Every once in awhile you find yourself taking on a project that you just know is going to be: a) boring and b) a little more than you expect. Well, that is exactly what happened when I decided to make these curtains for my son’s bedroom.

CurtainsMind you my intentions were good. He needed curtains. His bedroom has a huge window that looks right on to the road. Mind you, it’s not that busy of a road, but he has had people look right into his room, with him half clothed, so yeah, privacy was wanted. Also, by sewing them myself, I could save an awful lot of money. After all, how hard is it to sew straight seams?

Once I got hip to the fact that this upholstery fabric is incredibly heavy, and slick too, I found this is one of those instances that fusible web is your friend. I used it to tack down the seam before sewing it down. I also learned that fabric this thick doesn’t really like to push aside. So I had to adjust the type of curtain for the smaller windows and make a more labor intense Roman shade. I’ve also discovered I’m pretty good with a drill and power screwdriver, and I absolutely love my staple gun. I also learned that the screws supplied with the hardware for hanging curtains are pretty crappy.

Roman shadeI learned a lot making them, and I think they turned out pretty well. My son is very happy with them. They give him privacy, block out the 6:00 am sun, and they’re a huge step up from the Tree of Life bedspread and Bob Marley blanket he had been using as curtains.

But I tell you one thing, I don’t care if I see my sewing machine for awhile. I’m glad I did them, because the emotional payoff is high, but thankfully, I don’t need to be making any more curtains for a long, long time. When I do decide to see my sewing machine again, it’s going to be for something like a blouse, or dress, or jacket or anything that has something besides just straight seams.

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