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I’m a “do it yourself-er.” As long as I can remember I’ve been making things. As a kid I sewed my doll’s clothes, and as I got older, I sewed clothes for myself. I’ve been knitting for over 25 years, and have made more knitwear I can ever wear. I’ve been crocheting for longer than knitting and have explored every type of crochet you can think of. I was even doing Tunisian crochet, when it was still called Afghan crochet. I learned how to spin yarn because, well, I never wanted to be dependent on yarn companies to feed my knitting habit. I also learned how to weave because, well, I had too much yarn.

New ShelvesSo when I contemplated making shelves for the studio, I jumped right in head first. After all, how hard is it to make a shelf? Actually, it’s not that hard, if you’ll listen to other people. I admit, I have a small problem with that, and after having to return the other shelf hangers, and then getting the ones first recommended, I was finally on track for shelves. First I had to sand the boards, because I’m also reusing wood from the old house and it was very rough. I am now an old hat at using a orbital sander. I even know how to change the sandpaper in it! I even sealed the boards, which was easy, because it’s just like painting. The big thing for me was to take the project all the way through to completion. I now have shelves with sewing stuff on them! Now I just need more wall space for more shelves.

CurtainsFor my next big DIY project (I hate that term, but it works), I’m going to make curtains for my son’s bedroom. Thank goodness I already know how to sew, because it will make this project a lot easier. His room faces the street and has plenty of windows to give you the kind of views and light that anyone would love. Except for the fact that everyone who walks by, can also see what is going on inside the bedroom. Like everything… Especially the things you’d rather not share with the world. Even though there is a fence between the room and the road, it is still on the same level as the road. That said, before he comes back from college, I would like to help him out and have some nice curtains.

I have this nice heavy fabric that I picked up for a song, and so now it’s just a matter of measuring and sewing. I haven’t made curtains in quite awhile, so I’ll be dragging out my resource books to brush up on how to make them. Even though I got this fabric for next to nothing, I don’t want to waste it. Figuring out how much extra to allow, where to mount the curtain rods and all that. I’ll be a fun project and very satisfying to help him out. They’ll be the more brown side of the fabric on the bottom, instead of the green.

Now I just wish the rest of my DIY projects, aka garage cleaning, would just finish itself. It is coming along, but never quite fast enough for my liking.

Do you have any DIY projects that you do outside of your regular art and craft realm? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. twistnpout says:

    Oh I love DIY. And I also have a problem listening to others and measuring…. but that makes it all the more fun – or frustrating sometimes too i guess. But I just love trying to create things, especially from old stuff. Your post made me laugh because I had the exact thought when I made a pair of small tables…. how hard can it be? A square top and four straight legs? ha good thing they are sitting on a nice thick carpet

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