A Little Spark

Sometimes you know where that creative spark is going to come from, sometimes you don’t. I was hoping that it was going to come from a class I’d signed up for, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to get me out of the creative funk I’ve been in. Well, it sort of happened, but maybe not in the magnitude I was expecting. I was hoping for some big, exciting, flaming spark, and it feels more like a little puff, like when you’re trying to light a wet sparkler.

Mini BookBut I did learn a lot. I learned how to make a two inch, mini leather bound book. It’s kind of cute, and I think it’ll be a good element for perhaps larger collage works. I could also make larger ones, that I could use for art journals. But I’ve found I’m not really connecting with that art form. So I’m going to add it to my little box of tricks, and maybe use it in other pieces.

Another thing I learned is how many elements I have that can be used in so many ways. The enormity of the collection of charms, beads and other assorted little doo dads, is somewhat embarrassing. And it’s also very disorganized. I’ve been working on the garage in fits and starts and I’m pleased that I have a good shelf for my more commonly used elements. All I need to do is mount it.

Mini BookBut what I’m really realizing, is that my lack of organized studio space is really cramping my style. It’s preventing me from creating new art. More and more I’m getting frustrated with the mess and there’s only one way to solve that problem. That’s to stop making excuses and dig in again. Going through old boxes of stuff, that has been stored for years is very daunting. I was able to go through many of them when we first moved, but now, what is left is the older stuff that is still useful, but you wonder what the hell am I going to do with a lifetime supply of yellow legal size pads and binder paper.

Oh I know, make little books out of them! Or more likely, I’ll donate the paper to the local elementary school.

But for now, if I can just go through one more box and decide what to do with the contents, and whether I can live without them, I’ll be happy.

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