Present Time and Daylight Savings Time

Once again we have our annual moving of the time, much to the consternation of our bodies. Most of us don’t like it. It makes us feel off kilter and out of sorts. We’re cranky because we have no control of this change. The governments throughout the planet have agreed that it’s a good idea to give us more sunlight in the evening so they shift our day by one hour.

One hour isn’t a lot, but it is enough to get our internal body clocks off kilter. I kind of look it like when we travel to a different time zone, it takes a few days to get adjusted. But that is a voluntary change, we have to do because we’ve gone to a new place, and they are on a different time, so we have to adapt.

Some of the problem we encounter to the time change really has to do with our resistance to the change. I don’t want to do it! *stomps my foot* They’re making me *stomp.* Yeah, I agree, I don’t like anyone telling me what to do either. But, I’m living on this planet and we’ve agreed to do this.

The other thing is our bodies don’t like the adaptation either. I eat at a certain hour, and dagnabit, that’s when I eat, whether I’m hungry or not! I also go to bed at a certain hour and now, when it says 10:00, well, I’m not sleepy, at all! Our bodies are out of sync with the time on the clock, so that adds to our crankiness.

This is when a little meditation can step in and help us adjust. Take a few moments to stop, sit in a chair, turn off your distractions. Take a deep breath, say hello to your body. Acknowledge it for the change it needs to make. Let it know you agree, it’s stupid to have to do this, but yes, we’ll be ok. And you can let go of our old time and embrace the new time, with evenings that have more light.

Just by giving your body that acknowledgment, that hello, it helps us move into present time. What the time is now, not what it was yesterday. You may also want to give yourself some flexibility over the next few days and weeks, so your body can catch up with this new present time.

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