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Road less traveledWelcome to the story of my life. I start off all jazzed about something, lose interest and then I’m off in another direction. I have been this way all my life. As a child, I would love doing crafts. I painted, sewed, learned to crochet, made up stories, baked. As a child, it’s good to be exposed to all these different activities. You need to know how to sew a button on a shirt and how to cook for yourself and it is very important to know how to do these things as an adult too. But where is the line between passing interest and passion, and maybe something between those two extremes.

That’s where I am now. Since moving into our house, I’ve been consciously trying out what I’m going to do next. I’ve been a self employed entrepreneur for so long I wouldn’t know what to do if I worked for someone else. Plus, I already know, I really don’t want to work for someone else. My older, crankier self enjoys being able to set my own hours. To have a Tuesday morning off to go to a knitting group if I want to. But having so much unstructured time also has it’s down side. It’s just that, unstructured. It makes it so much easier to hang out online, seeing what other people are up to on twitter, and reading articles about how to motivate myself.

Denim vestSo I’m accepting where I am for now, trying to not beat myself up and take conscious steps toward getting a business going. One decision I’ve made, I’m not up for production work. I have enjoyed playing with denim, sewing a number of bags and totes and even a vest, but I recognize production work is really for a younger person. My body definitely doesn’t like long hours at a sewing machine, or standing up cutting fabric.

So the next thing I’m looking at is teaching. I’ve taught many different hand crafts and have always enjoyed it. Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, beading are all things I know how to teach. With that, I can set my hours and have people come to where I live. This has been one of my ideas since the start of our house construction. This is a very nice space, in the woods, that maybe other people might like to experience too. It just might be a little easier to get going too.

Pieced toteWhen you have a business where you are selling an item, whether it’s project bags for knitters or denim totes, there is a certain amount of time involved in making that item. When you’re teaching, even though you will need to have class materials and samples, your start up time could be shorter. Make a schedule, and put it out there to the community, market it and voila, there you go. Yes, that is a simplified, perhaps even unrealistic view, but it’s my delusion and I’m sticking with it. At least for now.

So I’m off to look at my schedule, see what classes might fit for other people, and put it out there. Who knows, the next retreat center for artists might grow out of this. Oh, and the bags I’ve been making? I’m keeping them as product to sell at my classes.

How have you handled change and indecisions in your work? Let me know in the comments how you’ve handled them.

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6 Responses to Fits and Starts

  1. skavop says:

    Indecision – I can’t make up my mind how to deal with it , so I tend to settle for doing nothing while I ‘think it over’. Can’t wait to see how you get on though. Keep us posted on how the teaching thing goes please.

  2. jenyjenny says:

    I agree wholeheartedly: for me to feel really successful, I would probably need to have a greatly enlarged output and $$ coming in, but like you said, I am not up for a production line. And I hate teaching. However, creative people I know are always looking for a teacher, mentor, motivator. And if you have a nice facility to provide a learning workshop…sounds very positive!

  3. Lesli says:

    Hello Paula, I am looking for a weaving teacher/mentor for my daughter. She’s 13 and can’t put her inkle loom down. I want to support her while interest is peak. She is truly gifted (IMHO) and has always been able to create using any kind of textiles. Not sure where that came from but not me;) Please let me know where you are with teaching classes-Lesli C.

    • fiberdazed says:

      Hi Lesli, I’m not currently teaching weaving, but I do believe the folks at Purlessence in Sunnyvale might. I’d love to see what she’s up to. I’ll DM you on FB my info

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