Paola the Denim Queen


I had to name her, my alter ego. The one that has me once again, pulling out the denim and figuring out what to make with it next. So I figured, if the little designer keeps showing her face, I should give her a fancy european name. My name in Italian is Paola, so there you go, Paola the Denim Queen was born. And you know what? She likes it! At some point, Paola will have created so many things in denim, I’ll have to open up shop and sell some of these awesome creations. But for now, I’ll just show them off, get some feed back.

Messenger bag sideI’ve already shown off the messenger bag, which I’m now using as a purse. I like it very much, but it’s having kind of a weird curl at the seam in the back. I’m thinking it might be from sewing the interfacing into the seam, but I’m not sure.

Pieced tote



The next item is a denim pieced tote. I really, really like it. It’s a nice size and was fun to make. And with it being denim, it’s extremely durable. This bag will hold up to anything. Groceries, yarn, books, you name it, it’ll hold it, move it, and protect your stuff.


Denim Vest



The current project is a denim vest. This is what I started in the workshop a week ago. I learned so much about garment construction as well as how to fit a pattern to your body and great tips of finishing. It is a simple lined vest. The outer fabric is black denim and lining is this amazing cotton. It kind of looks like a stone wall. I’ll be able to throw this in the washer/dryer with no problems on shrinkage and its very easy care. I’ll be finishing it up by next week so I can wear it to our local hand weavers Guild meeting.

When that’s finished, I don’t yet know what I’m going to make. I do have a friend that’s been eyeing my tote, so I could make another, but I just might need to take a run to the pattern store. I really want to explore making more garments and use some of those skills I learned last weekend.

I do think a crown is in order, if for no other reason, every queen needs a crown. I keep thinking one like Max’s in Where The Wild Things are.


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  1. Yvette says:

    I knew all that lovely denim would lure you one day. I think sewing the interfacing into the seam is what’s producing the curl; I seem to recall doing something along those lines many years ago. The thicker the interfacing the more likely it is to produce a curl when sewn into the seam. Your bags are looking beautiful and I’m excited to see your finished vest. Great work, Paola!

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