Just Start, dammit!

IMG_0086That was just part of the internal conversation this morning. The mental gyrations of do I start with making an apron, or a bag or do I just mediate about what I want to do with my business and what direction to go in. Or, or, or.

Or do I just make another excuse for not meditating, not doing the work, not moving forward in my business, because well, if I stop the excuses, then I just might succeed. I might just make something amazing, something that someone else might like too, something that someone might want to buy. Something that even maybe a bunch of people might like, and a bunch of people might buy. Yikes!

I know I’m not the first person on the planet that has gone through this. There are literally hundreds of books written about how to motivate yourself out of whatever stuck-ness you’re in. I guess it’s just my turn, again, to move through this resistance, as Steven Pressfield would call it. To stop the fiddling around, stop the excuses, stop the self distracting behaviors and just start, something!

Apron patternSo, I’ve dug out a pattern that I’ve never done before, I’m digging through my denim fabric stash, because that’s the type of fabric called for, and I’m going to start. Open the pattern, pull out the fabric and just make the apron to see if I like making aprons. If I don’t well, I’ll only make one. If I do, maybe I’ll make more and put my embellished stamp on them.

If I want something else than an apron, I have a cool messenger bag pattern I’ve been wanting to try and lord knows, I have more denim fabric than you can shake a stick at. I knew those three giant boxes of Levi Strauss denim from the rummage sale would pay off.

This is gonna be fun.

So what do you do to get beyond your stuck-ness or distracting behaviors? Leave a comment, I could use some new tricks.

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3 Responses to Just Start, dammit!

  1. Suzanna says:

    I have the same challenge…I’m trying to start a knitting project but keep getting distracted by little ones or bogged down by all the different things I could do. My tip: I try to start new projects first thing in the morning, when the day is fresh and the mind is clear. It is tempting to try to get other little things out of the way before beginning that new project, but then I always end up at the end of the day still doing the little things. Or set a modest goal for a day, like cutting the fabric. If you can get more done, great! But at least you’ve made progress.

    Good luck! BTW, that apron looks great, especially in sturdy denim. Would be good for gardening, woodcarving, etc.

  2. twistnpout says:

    I loved this post, for a minute I thought to myself -“I don’t remember writing this”. lol I have been very diligent about writing my goals down everyday. Not long term goals but immediate goals to get accomplished that day. A to do list of sorts. I have also become a clock watcher- I give myself 1 hour to work/ brainstorm a project and then move on to the next item on my list if I am not making any progress and repeat the process.But even if I am making progress I will move on to the next item because once an idea is started it is easier to jump back to it after walking away for a bit. I also try to mix my list up with the mundane no brainer tasks along with more challenging tasks, just to give myself a good feeling about achieving something on my list. 🙂 Plus it is a nice break for the brain to do something that requires very little thinking. This has helped me learn to refocus my brain when it starts to get overwhelmed with ideas or stumped due to lack of ideas. It hasn’t been easy for me but after doing it for about 2 solid months I feel like it is starting to become more of a habit for me. Now I just have to figure out how to add “exercise” to my to do list. That will come with time I hope.

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