That is certainly what could be said of last year. It seems like everything in my world changed, mostly for the better. The biggest event was that we moved into our home, that had been in the works for 12 years, actively in construction for four years. Now that we’ve been here for a few months, and have made it through the holidays, the real work begins.

Over the four months we’ve been here, I’ve been ruminating a lot about what project I want to do first. My loom is looking rather lonely. I got this wonderful Baby Wolf last may and have done exactly two projects on it. One was a beautiful scarf for a friend, and the other was yardage for a jacket. I feel like I barely even know what I’m doing with it, having warped it only twice. At this point, I feel a little more comfortable with my rigid heddle loom, but hey, how am I ever going to grow as a weaver, if I don’t jump in and just do the work, make the mistakes and well, grow!

The other thing I’m really drawn to is the sewing machine. I made some sewn holiday presents, and had a great time. I made toys for the first time. There were some little monsters for my grandchildren were a big hit, and they were really fun to design and decorate. I also made some boxy bags that will be great for travel.

Dress formAt this time, my mixed media supplies are also clamoring for my attention. Fabric paint, buttons, lace, ribbons, beads, the stuff that you play with and sometimes really great art comes out of it. I made some ornaments over the holidays, and it was fun to combine different elements just to see how they work together. They came out great and more than anything, it occurred to me, how on earth did we ever survive without glitter glue.

These next few months will be interesting to see which direction my art takes me. I’m also considering doing a line of gardening aprons because, well, I have an over abundance of denim and have found a place where I might be able to sell them!

Garage, aka StudioIn the mean time, there’s one thing I have to tackle, so I can well, have the space to do the work. It’s some of those boxes that just got thrown in the garage, aka studio.

What are your plans for the new year?

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