Down To The Wire

The House

It’s here, it’s time and now I’m packing box after box of stuff. The house is almost completed and I cannot procrastinate or ignore the fact that I have acquired an incredible amount of stuff in the three years of living in this house. I had started beating myself up that I hadn’t been doing any of my fiber crafts, to give me things to write about, but the reality is that life has got in the way and until we’re moved, it just isn’t going to happen.

So to make myself feel better about not doing the crafts that I love, I thought I’d do an inventory of what I have done in the three years that we’ve lived here. When I started to list them, I was quite surprised, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Designs by Romi

First of all, I did an awful lot of knitting. For about a year, I did test knitting for Romi Designs and knit five shawls. It was great fun and I made some beautiful shawls, that I’ve mostly given away to friends and family. I’ve also knit slippers for my son, cowls, and fingerless mitts. I still love knitting and am currently knitting yet another shawl to wear to my niece’s wedding later this month.

Handwoven Yardage

Next, I’ve learned how to weave. I’ve acquired two looms, a small rigid heddle loom and a four shaft Schacht Baby Wolf. I’ve discovered how much I love weaving. The almost meditative action of throwing the shuttle, pulling the heddle forward, it sings to me. I even wove some yardage and made a jacket with the help of our Black Sheep Handweaver’s Guild. We had two workshops that got me going. One was with Sharon Alderman, who helped us figure out what kind of yardage to make. The other was with Daryl Lancaster, who had us cut our handwoven and sew it into a jacket. It was amazing growth for me and great fun. I plan on making more yardage to make even more garments, once I’m set up in the new house.

Collage Tote

I also started sewing again. Even before the jacket project, I started sewing project bags for Nine Rubies Knitting in San Mateo. For about 18 months, every four months or so, I would bring in my hand sewn bags. It was a lot of work, and my sewing skills definitely have taken a step up. Since my hand injury last October, I had to let that go. My hand still isn’t recovered and trying to use the rotary cutter, well isn’t cutting it. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to sewing project bags, but I don’t think I can do it at the scale I once did.

Dress Form Collages

Talking about the hand injury, that took me in at completely different direction with my creativity. Since I couldn’t knit or sew like I had been, I was one frustrated artist. So what do you do? You take your creativity down a new path and put some of those raw materials to use. That is when I started doing the mixed media dress form collages. I did have to buy a few things like paint and mod podge, and I hit the thrift store for some ephemera to use as backgrounds. It’s been great fun doing something completely different.

As my hand has healed, I found I could do some spinning. I’ve been able to do some fiber sampling and I’ve learned to spin cashmere! That was so much fun to take a class with Judith MacKenzie at CNCH in Oakland and get my spinning chops back. I considered doing Tour de Fleece, with the Ravelry group, but alas, packing has got in the way.

I mentioned the spinning and weaving classes, but I’ve also some other classes. First of all, the winter of 2011, I took up piano again. I played as a child and once again had a huge desire to play again. So I took some classes and even though I haven’t touched the piano in ages, I will again when we’re in the new house. Last summer I did the Mindful Artist program with Michelle Theberge. I also did a couple of classes with Diane Gilleand of Craftypod on blogging and creating classes for online. Now I’m working with Tara Swiger and on the Starship to bring my new business to be new heights.

New Kitchen

So when I start listing everything that has gone on in this house, it’s been a lot. What is going to go on in the house that we’re moving into, is that and a whole lot more. I will be doing classes out of my home, besides knitting, weaving, sewing and spinning. It will be interesting to see if making jewelry will call to me again, we’ll see.


My husband will be getting his cymbidium orchid business off the ground. Since he’s a musician, the house will be full of music being created and recorded. He’s also pulling out the wood working tools and finishing some of his sculptures. I’m sure there will be new sculptures created.

I’m hoping to keep posting, but if things seem a little sparse, now you know why. I can’t wait to be in our house, and be able to share all the new creations.

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  1. SaffronSkye says:

    Your house and your art work are beautiful!!!

    • fiberdazed says:

      Thank you, I’m still playing with many different mediums and see what directions it’s going to take me.
      I no longer drink, but I just might need to pull out some of my old favorite music! Great suggestion.

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