Inertia Has Come To Visit, And Now She Thinks She Rules All The Land

I’ve been plagued with a serious case of inertia and I’m still trying to figure out why. The word inertia comes from inert, which on it’s own, really isn’t a bad thing. Neither positive or negative, yin or yang, up or down, backward or forward, it’s balanced. After all, when you spin yarn, you do want balance to the yarn. If you put in too much twist, it will put a bias in your knitting or weaving.

It’s only when you add the “ia” to the word inert, that it gets the negative connotation, at least when you’re talking about your life. So how did I get here? Did she sneak in while I wasn’t looking or did I give her a gilded chariot, invite her in, have her pull up a chair, and let’s put on soaps and have some bon-bons, yeah!

Indian Paintbrush

Well, it could be a little bit of both. Leading up to the La Honda Fair, I was incredibly busy. Making sure this part and that part, and that other part of the Fair was taken care of. Once the Fair was over, I was incredibly tired. It was a lot of work doing an event like that, and I gave myself permission to have the next week off to recover.

Well, that’s when Inertia started to creep in. I gave myself more than enough time to recover and now what. I don’t have any projects on the needles or the loom so, what am I up to now? We are going to be moving next month but do I really need to start packing now, or can it wait a little longer? Well, I could work on the new business but well, does it really need to happen right now? You see where this is going? One excuse after another to just hang out and let things be.

So instead of succumbing to total inertia, I’m going to be proactive and take a few steps to get me out of this funk. The first thing I’ve done is to get physically active. Living where I do, there is a great hiking trail just minutes from my door. It’s great to just get out, get some fresh air and clear the head. I love seeing what’s in bloom now, and what has passed.

Next is I’m going to take small steps toward moving. Even just packing one box of books will be one less box to do later. I’ll also take one more step in my business.

Thimble Berry

I’ve also started a project, because I need to have something creative. Even though my hand injury has flared, I can still knit in small increments. A shawl is now in the works to be worn to my niece’s wedding next month.

Hopefully with these steps, Inertia will move out and not come back for a long, long time. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out Inertia!

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