Recovered! Well, Mostly

Bundy Browne & Expresso Rhythm Section

I’m back after a bit of a break. Two weeks ago I came down with that horrendous summer  cold that’s been going around, it it really knocked me down. I don’t get sick often but when I do, I go down for the count. I was actually glad, that if I were to get sick, it would be that week, not the following.

l to r Charlie, Patsy & Court

This past week led up to our annual La Honda Fair and Music Festival. A benefit for La Honda Elementary School’s art and music programs, it’s the one big event I do on a yearly basis. This being our 20th year, it was extra special and I wanted to make sure all my I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. I’m very proud that the school’s volunteers came through in a big way, and helped out in their booths.

Craig, on rt. our music director

The event went off with only a couple of minor problems, some of which I could deal with, some that were out of my hands. The music was great, the sound was great, and the community spirit was abundant. This is why I love living in a small town. I got to reconnect with friends I see only a few times a year.

Cryin’ Shame

So now that life is getting back to normal, what was I doing? I’ve completed most of my fiber projects, on purpose, and now I’m open to something new. I was enjoying spinning, so maybe jump into the Tour de Fleece, the spinning event that’s coming up during the Tour de France. Information can be found on Ravelry at this group: But on the other hand, maybe I’ll just do a bit more organizing, while I figure out which direction my creativity wants flow.

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