Spin All The Fiber!

Merino wool

It’s funny how you learn a new craft, or come back to an old craft and you fall in love all over again. This has happened to me with my spinning. And it’s funny, my spinning is showing a characteristic that I’ve seen with my knitting. With knitting we call it “Startitist.” It’s when you start one project and then start another and start another, the excitement of that new project. I’m not sure what we call it with spinning, “Spinitist”?

I’m sure other spinners have had this happen too. You become fairly adept with your spinning skills, and you start looking at different kinds of fiber. You start with wool, because it is one of the easiest fibers to spin. All those little scales on the wool shaft like to connect with each other and voila, you have yarn. You find a color that sings to you, and soon you have filled up part of a bobbin.

And then you start eyeing the wool blends. Top of my list was wool and silk blends. It adds a sheen to the wool, making it glow. So you play around with it for a bit and fill up part of another bobbin. Mind you, the first bobbin doesn’t necessarily go with the second bobbin, so plying the two together isn’t happening.

Cashmere single

Next you learn how to spin cashmere, so you have a partial bobbin of pure cashmere, cashmere and silk blend and cashmere, silk and wool blend. Now it’s getting fun. What do I do with that? Especially since it doesn’t go with the other two.

Next we try out some alpaca. Ohh, it’s so soft and dreamy like cashmere. Hmm, maybe since there isn’t much of it, I’ll ply it with some of that wool/silk blend. See where I’m going with this?

Alpaca single

So the corundum starts to happen, I’m starting to run out of bobbins. I only have one left. Do I spin more of one of the above, or just wind them off and onto toilet paper cores, to hold them until I decide to go back to them. Decisions, decisions. If I’m going to move forward with this spinning thing, I do need to do something.

As much as I’m loving spinning the wool, I think I need to stop and ply the alpaca and wool/silk blend, to free up that other bobbin. Then I’ll have the extra bobbin needed to spin the other single so I can ply it. And maybe, just maybe I can break this habit of starting but not finishing a project. Yeah, right. I can dream can’t I?

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5 Responses to Spin All The Fiber!

  1. Mmmm, I want the shiny, soft grey one… so beautiful!

  2. fiberdazed says:

    Thanks, it’s been lots of fun getting back into spinning.

  3. agujasblog says:

    I really like that first one. Since I’ve been learning to spin, I bought whatever fiber caught my eye in small batches. So I’ve been spinning little skeins. I ran across this pattern on Ravelry called Dyers Delight which I think I will get for all my small multi-colored skeins. Here’s a link:

  4. Vishnu's Virtues says:

    Great pictures! I love anything that’s cashmere:)

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