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We knitters love our stash, that goes without saying. If you’ve knit for any amount of time, you have stash. Whether it’s yarn you bought for a particular project, for that sweater, hat, sock, shawl, insert garment type here, you have yarn for that project.

Or maybe while at your local yarn store or knitting convention, you see a yarn and fall in love with a color and it makes your heart sing, or reminds you of a particularly wonderful part of your life. Maybe the feel of that yarn is absolutely heaven to you, and the possibility of what it’s going to become, sends you into flights of imagination. Into the stash it goes.

A word about buying yarn at knitting conventions. It is good to go to the marketplace with a list of what you’re going to be using that yarn for. It is very easy to pick up yarn in colors that you may not normally wear, or not get enough. You may need to take a break, back away from the yarn, walk around for a little while, and revisit it later. Do this and you’ll thank me later.

I have a decent way of organizing my yarn stash. I sort it by yarn weight. That way, when I want to knit a shawl, I can go to the lace weight or fingering weight yarn bin, root through it and find a color that sings to me. The semi-clear bins stack nicely and make it easy to see what I’m looking for. I know other people who number their bins, identify what’s in each one of them, with the amount of yardage, colors and have a whole spreadsheet for their stash. I think it’s great for them, and if I ever have enough time in a day, I might do that too. In the mean time, I just kind of wing it.

But what I’m really coming around to, isn’t what I have under control, when it comes to stash, but what I don’t have under control.

Since I have started collecting items for collage, I now am trying to figure out how to store that stuff, to make it accessible when the creative urge hits me. Things like glitter glue, paint, buttons, rhinestones, gel mediums. Not to mention the papers I use as backgrounds. How about the charms, bits of ribbon, zippers, snaps, hook and eyes, stamps, fabric pens and paints. Holey moley the list is getting long. Oh and the neckties! Whew. Can you say overwhelm?

I already have big bins, for the yarn stash (oh I didn’t mention the fabric stash, but that’s a different story) but many of the things in collage are small. So I’m on the hunt for small containers to well, contain them. The buttons and rhinestones have gone into clean repurposed mayonnaise jars. The ribbon has found it’s own smaller bin, as have the zippers, but those small pieces are going to need a different type of containment.

This is when a trip to the thrift store can be just the ticket. People get rid of more containers than you can ever imagine, and with a judicious eye, day of the week pill containers that are relabled can hold your small charms. Now to just figure out what will work for the glues & paint. Also, all of this is going to be much easier when I move into our house that’s in construction and actually have a studio!

How do you manage your stash?

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2 Responses to Stash Management

  1. Since I’m at college, my stashes of various creative materials are now spread between two places. I have bags of yarn in my attic at my parents house and I have a bunch of yarn sitting in my dorm room. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of room here to store yarn in my room so I often have to ask my mother to send me yarn and other things when I need them.

  2. fiberdazed says:

    Thanks for stopping by, I know how that is too! We will be moving into the house we’re building this summer, so quite a bit of my stash is in storage. I can’t wait to once again have it all united.

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